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Piperacillin Glycine Impuity
Catalog No: PI04011017     Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity J
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C17H20N4O6 ||Molecular Weight:376.36390 ||Exact Mass:376.13828||
(R)-2-(2-(4-ethyl-2,3-dioxopiperazine-1-carboxamido)-2-phenylacetamido)acetic acid
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Catalog No: PI04011001
Product Name: Piperacillin
CAS No:161477-96-1||Chemical Formula:C23H27N5O7S||Molecular Weight:517.55700||Ex……
Piperacillin Impurity A(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011002
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity A(EP)
CAS No:69-53-4||Chemical Formula:C16H19N3O4S||Molecular Weight:349.405||Exact Ma……
Piperacillin Impurity B(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011003
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity B(EP),Piperacillin penicilloic acid
CAS No:64817-22-7||Chemical Formula:C23H29N5O8S||Molecular Weight:535.57200||Exa……
Piperacillin Impurity C(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011004
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity C(EP)
CAS No:64817-23-8||Chemical Formula:C22H29N5O6S||Molecular Weight:491.56300||Exa……
Piperacillin Impurity D(EP)(A Dimer)
Catalog No: PI04011005
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity D(EP)(A Dimer)
CAS No:65772-67-0||Chemical Formula:C39H44N8O10S2||Molecular Weight:848.94700||E……
Piperacillin Impurity E(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011006
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity E(EP)
CAS No:59702-31-7||Chemical Formula: C6H10N2O2||Molecular Weight:142.15800||Exac……
Piperacillin Impurity F(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011007
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity F(EP),acetylated penicilloic acid of piperacillin
acetylated penicilloic acids of piperacillin||Chemical Formula:C25H31N5O9S||Mole……
Piperacillin Impurity G(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011008
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity G(EP)
CAS No:63422-71-9||Chemical Formula:C15H17N3O5||Molecular Weight:319.31258||Exac……
Piperacillin Impurity H(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011009
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity H(EP),(Amoxicillin EP Impurity A, Sulbactam EP Impurity B)
CAS No: 551-16-6||Chemical Formula:C8H12N2O3S||Molecular Weight:216.25500||Exact……
Piperacillin Impurity I(EP)
Catalog No: PI04011010
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity I(EP)
CAS No:158411-82-6||Chemical Formula:C6H11NO3S||Molecular Weight:177.21800||Exac……
Methyl-Esterized Piperacillin
Catalog No: PI04011012
Product Name: Methyl-Esterized Piperacillin
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C24H29N5O7S||Molecular Weight:531.58400||Exact Mass……
Piperacillin Dimer 1
Catalog No: PI04011013
Product Name: Piperacillin Dimer 1
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C39H46N8O11S2||Molecular Weight:866.96200||Exact Ma……
Piperacillin Dimer 2
Catalog No: PI04011014
Product Name: Piperacillin Dimer 2
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C41H48N8O10S2||Molecular Weight:877.00100||Exact Ma……
Piperacillin Oxide Impurity
Catalog No: PI04011015
Product Name: Piperacillin Oxide Impurity
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C23H27N5O8S||Molecular Weight:533.55600||Exact Mass……
Piperacillin Double Mother Nucleus
Catalog No: PI04011016
Product Name: Amoxicillin EP Impurity S
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C31H37N7O9S2||Molecular Weight:715.79700||Exact Mas……
Piperacillin Impurity P
Catalog No: PI04011018
Product Name: Piperacillin Impurity P
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C31H34N6O8S||Molecular Weight:650.70700||Exact Mass……
Piperacillin Dimer 4
Catalog No: PI04011019
Product Name: Piperacillin Dimer 4
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C46H56N10O15S2||Molecular Weight:1053.12900||Exact ……
Piperacillin Diketopiperazine
Catalog No: PI04011020
Product Name: Piperacillin Diketopiperazine
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C23H27N5O7S||Molecular Weight:517.55700||Exact Mass……
Piperacillin Open-Ring 6APA
Catalog No: PI04011021
Product Name: Piperacillin Open-Ring 6APA
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C31H39N7O10S2 ||Molecular Weight:733.81200||Exact ……
L-Piperacillin(Piperacillin EP Impurity N)
Catalog No: PI04011022
Product Name: L-Piperacillin
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C23H27N5O7S||Molecular Weight:517.55700||Exact Mass……
Piperacilinic Acid(Piperacillin EP Impurity K)
Catalog No: PI04011023
Product Name: Piperacilinic Acid(Piperacillin EP Impurity K)
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C23H27N5O7S ||Molecular Weight:517.55700 ||Exact M……
Piperacillin Dioxide Impurity
Catalog No: PI04011024
Product Name: Piperacillin Dioxide Impurity
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C23H27N5O9S ||Molecular Weight:549.55500 ||Exact M……
Piperacillin Impurity L
Catalog No: PI04011025
Product Name: Ampicillin Glycolylurea Analogue(Piperacillin Impurity L)
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C17H17N3O5S ||Molecular Weight:375.39900 ||Exact M……
Piperacillin Open-Ring Methyl Ester(2 peaks)
Catalog No: PI04011026
Product Name: Piperacillin Open-Ring Methyl Ester
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C24H31N5O8S||Molecular Weight:549.59900 ||Exact Mas……
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