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   The company has a 1500 m2 space for research and development, which consists of the pilot-scale test laboratory in the Private Science and Technology Park and Laboratory 611 in the South China Centre for Innovative Pharmaceuticals. The company is composed of the quality control department, the synthesis department, the purification department, the pilot-scale test reaction area etc., which are equipped with 15 HPLCs[ 1 UPLC,3 UHPLCs, including 1 CAD detector,3 DAD detectors,1 LC-ESI-LCQ-MS(11)-1MWUV - 6UV detector], vacuum drying ovens, rotatory evaporators, cryogenic cooling circulating pumps, circulating water vacuums, many types of electronic balances,4 analytical balances, darkened-box UV analysis meters, X-5 microscopic smelting point instruments, 2 LISUI DrFlashⅡmedium-low pressure preparative chromatographs,3 high-speed countercurrent chromatographs, CF-30 constant flow pumps,UV detectors, CXTH-3000 chromatographic work stations, freeze-driers and so on.
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