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Olanzapine Impurity 3
Catalog No: PI20019003     Product Name: Olanzapine Impurity 3
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C12H10N2O2S||Molecular Weight:246.28400||Exact Mass:246.04630||10-hydroxy-2-methyl-5,10-dihydro-4H-benzo[b]thieno[2,3-e][1,4]diazepin-4-one
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Catalog No: PI20019000
Product Name: Olanzapine
CAS No:132539-06-1||Chemical Formula: C17H20N4S||Molecular Weight: 312.43500||Ex……
Olanzapine Impurity 4
Catalog No: PI20019004
Product Name: Olanzapine Impurity 4
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C24H18N4O2S2||Molecular Weight:458.55400||Exact Mas……
Olanzapine Impurity 8
Catalog No: PI20019008
Product Name: Olanzapin Impurity 8
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C34H38N8S2||Molecular Weight:622.85400||Exact Mass:……
Olanzapine Impurity 9
Catalog No: PI20019009
Product Name: Olanzapine Impurity 9
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C34H38N8S2||Molecular Weight:622.85400||Exact Mass:……
Olanzapine Unknown Impurity 1
Catalog No: PI20019029
Product Name: Olanzapine Unknown Impurity 1
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C15H18N4OS||Molecular Weight:302.39600||Exact Mass:……
Isomer of Olanzapine Impurity 1
Catalog No: PI20019030
Product Name: Isomer of Olanzapine Impurity 1
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C17H20N4O2S||Molecular Weight:344.43300||Exact Mass……
Olanzapine Impurity B(EP)
Catalog No: PI20019032
Product Name: Olanzapine Impurity B(EP)
CAS No:221176-49-4||Chemical Formula:C12H10N2OS||Molecular Weight:230.28500||Exa……
Olanzapine Impurity D(EP)
Catalog No: PI20019034
Product Name: Olanzapine Impurity D(EP),(Olanzapine N-Oxide)
CAS No:174794-02-6||Chemical Formula:C17H20N4OS||Molecular Weight:328.43400||Exa……
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