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Clarithromycin Impurity O
Catalog No: PI01002016     Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity O
CAS No:127252-80-6 ||Chemical Formula:C39H72N2O13 ||Molecular Weight:777.00600 ||Exact Mass:776.50344 ||(3R,4S,5S,6R,7R,9R,11S,
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Catalog No: PI01002001
Product Name: Clarithromycin
CAS No:81103-11-9 |Chemical Formula: C38H69NO13Exact Mass: 747.4769Molecular Wei……
Clarithromycin EP Impurity A
Catalog No: PI01002002
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity A
CAS No:124412-58-4||Chemical Formula:C38H69NO14||Molecular Weight:763.96300||Exa……
Clarithromycin EP Impurity B
Catalog No: PI01002003
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity B
CAS No:299409-85-1||Chemical Formula:N/A ||Molecular Weight:C37H67NO13 ||Exact M……
Clarithromycin EP Impurity C
Catalog No: PI01002004
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity C
CAS No:127253-06-9||Chemical Formula:C38H70N2O13||Molecular Weight:762.96800||Ex……
Clarithromycin EP Impurity D
Catalog No: PI01002005
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity D
CAS No:101666-68-6 ||Chemical Formula: C37H67NO13||Exact Mass: 733.46124||Molecu……
Clarithromycin EP Impurity E
Catalog No: PI01002006
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity E
CAS No:81103-14-2||Chemical Formula:C39H71NO13||Molecular Weight:761.99100||Exac……
Clarithromycin Impurity G
Catalog No: PI01002008
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity G
CAS No: 107216-09-1||Chemical Formula:C39H72N2O13||Molecular Weight:777.006||Exa……
Clarithromycin Impurity I (EP)
Catalog No: PI01002010
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity I (EP)
CAS No:118058-74-5 |Chemical Formula: C30H55NO10Exact Mass: 589.3826Molecular We……
Clarithromycin Impurity K
Catalog No: PI01002012
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity K
CAS No: 127157-35-1 ||Chemical Formula:C30H51NO8 ||Molecular Weight:553.73700 ||……
Clarithromycin Impurity L(EP)
Catalog No: PI01002013
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity L(EP)
CAS No:127253-05-8||Chemical Formula:C38H70N2O13||Molecular Weight:762.48779||Ex……
Clarithromycin Impurity M
Catalog No: PI01002014
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity M
CAS No: 127182-43-8||Chemical Formula:C37H68N2O13||Molecular Weight:748.95200||E……
Clarithromycin Impurity N
Catalog No: PI01002015
Product Name: Clarithromycin Impurity N
CAS No:144604-03-5 ||Chemical Formula:C18H67NO12||Molecular Weight:729.9490||Exa……
Clarithromycin Nitric Oxide
Catalog No: PI01002021
Product Name: Clarithromycin Nitric Oxide
CAS No:118074-07-0||Chemical Formula:C38H69NO14||Molecular Weight:763.96300||Exa……
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