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Cefmetazole MMT Isomer
Catalog No: PI00021002     Product Name: Cefmetazole MMT Isomer
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C15H17N7O5S3 ||Molecular Weight:471.525 ||Exact Mass:471.04533 ||(6R,7S)-7-(2-((cyanomethyl)thio)acetamido)-7-methoxy-3-((4-methyl-5-thioxo-4,5-dihydro-1H-tetrazol-1-yl)methyl)-8-oxo-5-thia-1-azabicyclo[4.2.0]oct-2-ene-2-carboxylic acid
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Catalog No: PI00021001
Product Name: Cefmetazole
CAS No: 56796-20-4 | Chemical Formula: C15H17N7O5S3 | (6R,7S)-7-(2-((cyanome……
Catalog No: PI00021003
Product Name: △3-Cefmetazole
CAS No: | Chemical Formula: C15H17N7O5S3 | (6R,7S)-7-(2-((cyanomethyl)……
Detetrazole Cefmetazole
Catalog No: PI00021004
Product Name: Detetrazole Cefmetazole
CAS No: | Chemical Formula: C13H15N3O6S2,|(6R,7S)-7-(2-((cyanomethyl)thio)ace……
Cefmetazole Lactone
Catalog No: PI00021005
Product Name: Cefmetazole Lactone
Cefmetazole Open Ring Impurity
Catalog No: PI00021006
Product Name: Cefmetazole Open Ring Impurity
CAS No: | Chemical Formula: C15H19N7O6S3 |(R)-2-((S)-carboxy(2-((cyanome……
Cefmetazole oxidation Impurity
Catalog No: PI00021007
Product Name: Cefmetazole oxidation Impurity
CAS No: | Chemical Formula: C15H17N7O6S3 | (6R,7S)-7-(2-((cyanomethyl)thio)a……
Cefmetazole 7-Lateral Chain
Catalog No: PI00021009
Product Name: Cefmetazole 7-Lateral Chain
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C4H6N4O2S||Molecular Weight:174.178||Exact Mass:174……
Cefmetazole 7-Tetrazole Double-Bond Shift
Catalog No: PI00021010
Product Name: Cefmetazole 7-Tetrazole Double-Bond Shift
Cefmetazole 7-tetrazole Precursor
Catalog No: PI00021011
Product Name: Cefmetazole 7-tetrazole Precursor
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C28H28N10O5S3||Molecular Weight:680.777||Exact Mass……
Cefmetazole MMT Impurity
Catalog No: PI00021012
Product Name: Cefmetazole MMT Impurity
CAS No: | Chemical Formula: C2H4N4S |1-methyl-1H-tetrazole-5-thiol
Acetoxy Cefmetazole
Catalog No: PI00021013
Product Name: Acetoxy Cefmetazole
CAS No:56796-16-8||Chemical Formula: C15H17N3O7S2415.44138415.05079||(6R,7S)-3-(……
Cefmetazole Side chain
Catalog No: PI00021014
Product Name: Cefmetazole Side chain
CAS No:55817-29-3||Chemical Formula: C4H5NO2S131.153131.0041||2-((cyanomethyl)th……
Cefmetazole Diphenyl Methyl Ester Δ3-Impurity
Catalog No: PI00021016
Product Name: Cefmetazole Diphenyl Methyl EsterΔ3-Impurity
Cefmetazole 3-Sulfuration and Double-Bond Shift Impurity
Catalog No: PI00021015
Product Name: Cefmetazole 3-Sulfuration and Double-Bond Shift Impurity
Cefmetazole Diphenyl Methyl Ester
Catalog No: PI00021017
Product Name: Cefmetazole Diphenyl Methyl Ester
Cefmetazole 7-tetrazole
Catalog No: PI00021018
Product Name: Cefmetazole 7-tetrazole
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C15H18N10O5S3 ||Molecular Weight:514.55400||Exact ……
Cefmetazole Side-Chain Oxide Impurity
Catalog No: PI00021019
Product Name: Cefmetazole Side-Chain Oxide Impurity
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C15H17N7O6S3 ||Molecular Weight:487.52400 ||Exact ……
Cefmetazole Demethylation Impurity
Catalog No: PI00021020
Product Name: Cefmetazole Demethylation Impurity
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C14H15N7O5S3||Molecular Weight:457.49800||Exact Mas……

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